New beginnings

So I guess an introduction is the best place to start. My name is Ross and at the end of October 2016 I moved back to Australia after living in Canada for two years. Leaving Canada meant a big transition for me, this was made especially difficult as I did not leave by choice but because my visa ran out and a new one wasn’t possible. I left behind a job I liked, friends I’d made and a relationship that on reflection was unhealthy but it served some purpose in that I felt like I mattered to someone, even if she hated me most of the time. I had gone through bouts of depression from the beginning of the relationship and pushed her away once too often I guess. But still it effehcted me more than I’d care to tell anyone.

Fast forward 5 months and I live with my parents still, have a low paying job that is needlessly stressful and doesn’t fulfill me in any way. I’m 10kg heavier and I wasn’t exactly a picture of health before putting those kilos on. The tipping point? I was meeting a friend for a beer and put my favourite shirt in only to notice the buttons straining and trying on some other clothes to confirm what I feared. I had let myself get fatter and I was miserable. This was no newsflash. I had noticed my clothes not fitting quite right for a while but it had never been to the point where I had to wear a hoodie on a night out in 26 degree heat.

The next day I rifled through my still half packed bags for my copy of Tim Ferriss’ 4 hour body. I read the required chapters and vowed to start the next day. I bought the food, took the measurements and started my new way of nutrition. ‘Before’ photos were taken and the feelings were mixed. On one hand I was so disappointed in myself for letting my body get this way and on the other hand I was excited to get rid of the fat disgusting guy in the pictures.

It hasn’t been easy. Coffee is a big thing for me and drinking it without milk is tough. I’ve probable cheated most days by emotionally stuffing a chocolate bar in my face when times are stresssful. But the food itself is good and each day I’m improving my compliance. Breakfast is a tough one though. A meal that was usually a banana or non existent is now supposed to be 30 grams of protein and legumes and vegetables. It’s tough to be organised and have the appetite for it. I’m using a non dairy, non soy pea protein powder with weather but I know this is not the best soloution. But get, it’s better than nothing.

The real mixed blessing is the cheat day. You can eat ANYTHING you want in any amount. Usually anything glutinous makes me want to vomit and all the junk makes me crave the slow carb meals I eat every other day but it’s a release.

As for results? Not sure yet. I think I feel better. My skin is better. I’ll keep you posted. Anyway the purpose of this blog is to get out what’s in my head and just maybe someone will read this and know that they’re not alone. Most people want to look and feel better. You’ve just got to find your tipping point.